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I cannot say enough how much I love my job. Every session brings something new and fascinating. Every session is unrepeatable because my clients are very special and unique in the way they present themselves in front of the camera and the way they express their inner beauty and sensuality. Today, I’d like to share with you a very unique boudoir session that I had the pleasure of shooting this week.

boudoir pictures woman in dress playing violin black and white photographyboudoir pictures woman in dress playing violin black and white photography
woman holding violin in sparkling dress chicago boudoirwoman holding violin in sparkling dress chicago boudoir
Women often ask me how they should prepare for the session. They want to know what kind of outfit or lingerie they should wear. They ask for advice regarding make up or hair style. Even though I always encourage them to find pieces that make them feel comfortable and sexy, I sometimes tend to give them a few universal tips. One of those tips was no props. I always discouraged the idea of using props during my sessions because I felt they were taking away from the elegant and classic vibe I tried to create.

And then I met Laura. She arrived at the studio and per usual, we were getting ready for the session. I noticed she brought a violin case with her. It turned out that Laura was a professional violinist and was teaching a class right after the shoot. Laura took the violin out of the case and something magical began to unfold. The gracious shape of the instrument resembled the curves of female body. It fitted so well into the intimate atmosphere of the session that we decided to use it.

boudoir pictures woman in sparkling dresswoman laying on floor sexy photography woman sitting on chair wearing sparkling dress chicago boudoir

We created something very beautiful and personal during that session. The violin added such an unusual and intimate twist to the session. Boudoir photography is personal in itself but it felt like we have reached a whole new level of intimacy. The violin not only looked fabulous with its sleek silhouette but seemed an integral part of Laura’s life and who she was.

I realized that every session I have with a client is a magical experience, an opportunity to learn, grow, expand. I welcome those experiences with excitement and open mind.

woman sitting on chair wearing lingerie chicago boudoir woman sitting on chair wearing dress chicago boudoirblack and white woman sexy photographywoman playing violin in sparkling dress chicago boudoir black and white photography

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