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Natural Light Boudoir Photography – Play of Light and Shadow.

Women often ask if I’m a miracle worker. They look at their natural light boudoir photographs in disbelief that the alluring reflections in the pictures are their very own. “Is this really me?”- they ask. They often say that they are surprised by how fabulous they look. We search for perceived flaws in the pictures and have difficulty finding them. “My nose doesn’t even look that big! And my thighs look slimmer!”- they say. No, I am not a miracle worker. But I learned to work with natural light and lighting can be quite miraculous when it comes to boudoir photography.

Lighting is an essential part of professional boudoir photography. It is a powerful tool that can transform the image, accentuate it and define it.

In my boudoir sessions, I work with natural light to define the shape and create the mood of the photographs. Natural day light can enhance certain elements of the body and make them more defined. Some images focus more on facial expressions or facial features and since those elements are the focal points of the photograph, they require more direct, accentuating light. Using shallow depth of field I can still soften other elements of the image and focus only on those that need exposure.

Boudoir photography is a constant play of light and shadows to create the desired effect of sensuality. I enjoy playing with shadows in particular as they can beautifully enfold the curves and lines of the female body. Shadows can highlight and emphasize or diverse attention from. They can help conceal imperfections or bring out the elements that you want to expose.

When used appropriately, natural light and shadows create an ambiance of mystery and intimacy that you can often see in my photographs. Because shadows can gracefully mask or hide certain elements of the body, they fire viewer’s imagination and create a sensual feast. The images become a celebration of human form rather than overly exposed nakedness. Shadows soften the image and create a seductive mood.

The position of the body is also an important element of the boudoir photography that always goes hand in hand with appropriate lighting. Women often worry that they do not know how to pose for the camera. As a photographer, I understand their worries completely and always assist in finding the most favorable positions of the body. I photograph each pose from various perspectives to find the most flattering angle.

In short, I use the power of shadows and perspective to bring out the most attractive and flattering elements of female body so that you can look at your images and applaud yourself for the beauty that you are.

And this is as miraculous as it gets…


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