Maternity sister of boudoir.

Pregnancy is a very intimate and personal experience, and this is what makes it a lot like boudoir.

A boudoir photography session during pregnancy allows to explore and integrate the two powerful elements of femininity- sensuality and maternity. Although some women feel like these two concepts are mutually exclusive and they have a difficult time accepting their bodies during pregnancy, others find this time to be exceptionally alluring and seductive. 

In the last few posts, I discussed various reasons why women decide to do a boudoir session. Today, I will continue to explore this topic and focus on one of the most beautiful forms of boudoir photography- that is the intimate maternity session.

A maternity session is a wonderful opportunity to capture and celebrate your body as it changes in the most beautiful and miraculous way. Chances are that your body has never looked this way before and chances are it may never go through a similar transformation again. So why not celebrate it the way it is right now? 

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. So many things change rapidly during this remarkable manifestation of womanhood. Women often struggle to find balance between preparing for the new experience and maintaining their sense of self including the sense of sexiness and lust. Sometimes the physical and hormonal changes that they experience affect the way they perceive their own physical and sexual attractiveness. They may be concerned about a few extra pounds or stretch marks that now start to appear on their bodies.

Your pregnant body may not be perfect but it is without any doubt miraculous and worth celebrating. 

A boudoir maternity session may help you re-connect with your inner sense of beauty and attractiveness. And as with any other session, you define your comfort zone and how much of your pregnant belly you want to show in pictures. 

You have 280 days to experience the miracle of pregnancy. Pick one of them to celebrate your body and all the changes it is going through. Let me capture its unique beauty before it goes back to its regular, ordinary self. 

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