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Middle Age Boudoir Session – Beautiful At Any Age.



Middle Age Boudoir Photography. Beautiful at Any Age.

Women decide to do a boudoir session for countless reasons. Today, we are focusing on one remarkable reason which is a celebration of graceful aging and appreciation of a female body as it gets more mature. Boudoir after 50 can be fun, exciting and liberating.

Sadly, we live in a culture obsessed with youth. Seemingly innocent commercials of anti-aging beauty products send a powerful message that the natural process of aging is something to be fearful about, unacceptable and undesirable. They shame women for becoming older. We are not only told that we need to stop the most natural process that a human body experiences in its tracks but that we need to reverse it. As a result of that message, aesthetic medicine is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

Given the above, I am not surprised that one of the most common assumptions about my work is that boudoir photography is only for the young and beautiful. I am tremendously grateful for all the wonderful women that I meet in my life, both socially and as part of my work, who help me break those unfavorable stereotypes about beauty and attractiveness.

middle age lady celebrating her body with boudoir session

I remember talking to a dear friend of mine who has recently turned 50 about what it meant to be a woman of her age. I really wanted to know what has changed, if anything, in the way she viewed herself, her body and her sense of sexuality. The insight she provided me with convinced me that the common notion that women feel less attractive as they age is simply fallacious. In fact, the emotional maturity that comes with age enhances women’s sense of beauty and attractiveness and allows them to be more appreciative of their bodies.

middle age boudoir portraits middle age woman and boudoir session with black and white middle age sexy lady and boudoir portrait

Beauty comes from within and has no expiration date. It only becomes more defined and graceful over time. Women as they get older become more self-aware and connected to their bodies. They are more at ease with their physique and more accepting of their flaws which creates a sense of confidence that is very sexy and attractive. What is even more important is the insight and wisdom that come with aging and life experience. At certain point in life we realize that there is so much more that contributes to our sense of attractiveness that goes well beyond the physical appearance. It is who we are on the inside. That insight can be very liberating. We learn that our bodies carry our personal histories- from very cheerful ones such as pregnancy and childbearing through sometimes very difficult ones, such as physical illness, and we learn to embrace them.

middle age lady and classy boudoir session

I had such a wonderful experience working with Nancy on her boudoir session in February. She was so graceful and beautiful I could not take my eyes off of her. She was definitely setting an example for younger women on how to be confident and comfortable with their bodies.

Nancy is 59 and has shared some wonderful insight with us as well. We wanted to know why she decided to do her boudoir session at this point in her life. Nancy indicated that it was a celebration of life. She felt confident in herself and was not letting her age holding her back from anything. She was fit, physically active and taking good care of herself. Her self-esteem was growing stronger with time. Nancy also indicated that a loving relationship and appreciation for people made her feel strong, beautiful and confident. Nancy said something very powerful and worth remembering for life –

“I won’t let a few wrinkles or a number define me”.

Nancy is absolutely right. Wrinkles, numbers, sizes, shapes should not define us as women. We can be beautiful, desirable and attractive at any age and any size because beauty is not a number but an internal state of mind.

middle age lady and natural boudoir pictures

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