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Chicago Boudoir Session. It Is All About You.



Stop! Boudoir session? When was the last time you made time for yourself? When was the last time you felt gorgeous? If you cannot think when that was, now is the time to change it and do something special for you. It is the perfect opportunity to get your hair and makeup done, dress up sexy and become the stunning goddess that you are.

A boudoir session is designed to make every woman feel beautiful and strong. It is for women of all body types, shapes and sizes. Don’t get stuck with the idea that only ‘models’ can have a boudoir session. This is a call for every woman. The goal here is not to make you look provocative or aggressive. It is the exact opposite. The goal is to make you look the best version of yourself- stunning, confident and alluring. You still have doubts? We invite you to check out our boudoir portfolio and blogs.

Most sessions are done in private at our West Loop studio with the overlooking view of Chicago’s skyline. Sessions at other locations are also available. Step out of the box, surprise yourself, and try something different today!

Click on the Contact form to schedule your boudoir session with Magdalena. Trust her skills and artistic intuition. Magdalena is passionate about her job and wants to share this passion with you. Every day she works on creating powerful, classy and timeless images of beautiful women like You! 


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