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Black and White vs. Color Boudoir Photography



Have you ever noticed how different a black and white photograph can be from its color replica? Even though you may be looking at two identical images, they are quite different in terms of the artistic impressions and the emotional depth they represent.

I noticed that some of my clients have a clear preference for one or the other. Some love black and white photos, others prefer color. Some say that black and white is boring and sad, others say that color is too loud.

I, personally and professionally, love the diversity and always try to offer it to my clients in the photographs that I take.

Black and white portrait photography is sophisticated, classy and elegant. There is something undeniably beautiful and timeless in the black and white images as they have a unique ability to reflect the most intimate emotions.

Black and white photography creates an unforgettable mood impossible to achieve with color. It brings out the emotions in a very intense and powerful way. When all the colors fade away, the emotions seen in pictures intensify. Ted Grant, Canadian photographer once said:

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”

I choose black and white photography to capture my clients’ feelings and affect. Black and white photos reflect an emotional depth that sometimes can be lost with color.And although the black and white is the winner when it comes to mood. Color, on the other hand, excels when it comes to personality.

Color photography is excellent for capturing client’s uniqueness and individuality. The color of your hair or eyes, the way they are accentuated by the shade of your dress can only be seen in this form of photography.

I believe that it is important to capture both – the mood as well as the personality of the client. For that reason, all of the photographs that I take are a balanced mixture of black and white as well as color.

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