Maternity Sister of Boudoir. Intimate Photography during Pregnancy.

January 7, 2019 / Boudoir

Maternity sister of boudoir.

Pregnancy is a very intimate and personal experience, and this is what makes it a lot like boudoir.

A boudoir photography session during pregnancy allows to explore and integrate the two powerful elements of femininity- sensuality and maternity. Although some women feel like these two concepts are mutually exclusive and they have a difficult time accepting their bodies during pregnancy, others find this time to be exceptionally alluring and seductive. 

In the last few posts, I discussed various reasons why women decide to do a boudoir session. Today, I will continue to explore this topic and focus on one of the most beautiful forms of boudoir photography- that is the intimate maternity session.

A maternity session is a wonderful opportunity to capture and celebrate your body as it changes in the most beautiful and miraculous way. Chances are that your body has never looked this way before and chances are it may never go through a similar transformation again. So why not celebrate it the way it is right now? 

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. So many things change rapidly during this remarkable manifestation of womanhood. Women often struggle to find balance between preparing for the new experience and maintaining their sense of self including the sense of sexiness and lust. Sometimes the physical and hormonal changes that they experience affect the way they perceive their own physical and sexual attractiveness. They may be concerned about a few extra pounds or stretch marks that now start to appear on their bodies.

Your pregnant body may not be perfect but it is without any doubt miraculous and worth celebrating. 

A boudoir maternity session may help you re-connect with your inner sense of beauty and attractiveness. And as with any other session, you define your comfort zone and how much of your pregnant belly you want to show in pictures. 

You have 280 days to experience the miracle of pregnancy. Pick one of them to celebrate your body and all the changes it is going through. Let me capture its unique beauty before it goes back to its regular, ordinary self. 

Boudoir Session – a Holiday Gift to Yourself

November 24, 2018 / Boudoir

Boudoir Session – a Holiday Gift to Yourself

The holiday season can be tremendously busy. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparation and shopping, and, preoccupied with the idea of making others happy, we often forget about ourselves.

chicago sensual boudoir session black and white boudoir photographer photographyelegant Chicago boudoir photography

When was the last time you thought about getting yourself a heart-felt gift? Not a new lipstick, a new pair of gloves, or a fancy perfume… Not a purse or even a new car. These are all nice but they are just things- tangible, useable, disposable. I am talking about something meaningful and lasting… Something given with love, from you to yourself. How about a boudoir photography session?

classy Chicago boudoir photographybest Chicago boudoir photographersensual and classy Chicago boudoir photography in the studio

A boudoir session can be an unforgettable experience that will help you feel more comfortable with your body, elevate your sense of self-esteem and beauty. My clients often say that the boudoir experience exceeded their expectations in terms of how liberating and therapeutic it was. Even though it can be a wonderful celebration of your physical body, it is an invaluable boost of confidence and self-acceptance. And unlike a tangible gift, it has a lasting effect.

I encourage you to pause during this busy season and reflect on your inner needs and desires. Think of what you deserve and why you deserve to have it. Give yourself only the best. Be good to yourself. Reward yourself with a unique experience of boudoir.

Happy Holidays to all the amazing beautiful, precious women out there from Pure Boudoir!

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Creative Boudoir and Portfolio Building

October 25, 2018 / Boudoir

Creative Boudoir and Portfolio Building.

As much as I love working with clients in my studio, I also enjoy projects that are geared more towards professional development, free style creativity and skill building experience. And if I can help someone build an interesting modeling portfolio as a result, I am satisfied beyond words.

Today, I wanted to share with you a glimpse of rather an unusual boudoir session that I had a pleasure of shooting last month at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago. For those of you who are not familiar with this venue, it is a truly unique antique store located in Ravenswood with some extraordinary objects and memories of the past.

sensual chicago boudoir session sexy boudoir photo shoot in chicago chicago boudoir idea and images chicago best boudoir photographerbest boudoir photographer and photography in chicago

As an artist, I continue to look for new and unique forms of expression. I like to combine styles, genres and visions that may seem disconnected in order to build new visual forms. The Architectural Artifacts is a truly magical place that allowed me to experiment with a very intimate genre of photography in a very non-intimate setting. An antique store full of old and intriguing objects and vintage mannequins is probably an unusual location for an alluring boudoir session but I really wanted to do something different this time and the results were astonishing. 

bridal boudoir bride wedding dress sexy - Listing Echicago bridal boudoir the best wedding giftchicago boudoir and sensual photographychicago portrait and boudoir photographyunique chicago boudoir photographyO3A2441 - Listing E

chicago best portrait and boudoir photographyO3A2772 - Listing E

classy, sensual and elegant chicago boudoirbest chicago lingerie photo session

There is nothing more rewarding for an artist than to play with human form and reach new levels of creativity.

I had the pleasure of working with two stunning and extremely talented models. Aside from shooting boudoir with my clients, working with professional models is something I truly enjoy. There is something extremely gratifying about portfolio building. Settings such as Architectural Artifacts can provide a unique perspective and background for anyone who is looking to enhance their professional modeling portfolio and I will be more than happy to help you with that process.

O3A2340 - Listing Echicago lingerie sensual elegant classy - Listing E


Make-up by : Iza Maka

Location: Architecture Artifacts 


Bridal Boudoir – A timeless Gift of Intimacy

August 21, 2018 / Boudoir

There are many reasons why women decide to do a Bridal Boudoir session. From challenging their self-perception, through pushing their boundaries of comfort to celebrating their bodies and building self-acceptance, the reasons are countless. One of the most common ones, however, is the idea of having a boudoir session as a wedding gift for a groom-to-be.

Exchange of wedding gifts between the bride and the groom is an increasingly common practice and you may want to incorporate it into your special day as well. A romantic, intimate photo session delivered in a beautiful, hand-made boudoir album is a more creative alternative to a traditional watch or engraved lighter. It is a timeless gift that will leave your groom speechless and gasping for air.

Chicago bridal boudoir in the west loopintimacy bridal boudoirbridal boudoir studio in chicagosensual boudoir session

There is something incredible intimate and powerful about such photographs. Instead of a traditional tangible gift, you are offering your partner your beauty, your grace, your seduction and your vulnerability all at once. There is nothing more personal and bonding than this. 

classy boudoir session classy photo session in the lingeriesensual boudoir session chicagooutdoor boudoir summer session

Brides-to-be often call me and say “I want to do it but I don’t know if I’m comfortable posing naked in front of the camera”.  You do not have to be naked. You are the one who can define your own level of comfort and set the tone for your session. Lingerie is one form of boudoir setting but definitely not the only one. Your can have your favorite robe or even a sweater and I can guarantee that the results will still be spectacular. Another idea would be to grab your groom’s favorite football jersey or his classic white button shirt and incorporate this more casual look into your session.

sexy photo shootsensual lingerie photo shootsummer outdoor lingerie photo session

We can put different spins on your boudoir session depending on your preferences. I work with the brides inside my West Loop studio but I am open to shooting your session at other locations as well (eg. outdoors, beach, roof top, forest). 

I invite you to contact me so that we could schedule your one-of-a-kind bridal boudoir session that you can share with your loved one on your very special day. Trust me, he will appreciate it.

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