Black & White vs. Color Boudoir Photography

April 8, 2021 / Boudoir

Have you ever noticed how different a black and white photograph can be from its color replica? Even though you may be looking at two identical images, they are quite different in terms of the artistic impressions and the emotional depth they represent.
I noticed that some of my clients have a clear preference for one or the other. Some love black and white photos, others prefer color. Some say that black and white is boring and sad, others say that color is too loud.

I, personally and professionally, love the diversity and always try to offer it to my clients in the photographs that I take.
Black and white portrait photography is sophisticated, classy and elegant. There is something undeniably beautiful and timeless in the black and white images as they have a unique ability to reflect the most intimate emotions.
Black and white photography creates an unforgettable mood impossible to achieve with color. It brings out the emotions in a very intense and powerful way. When all the colors fade away, the emotions seen in pictures intensify.
Ted Grant, Canadian photographer once said:

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”

I choose black and white photography to capture my clients’ feelings and affect. Black and white photos reflect an emotional depth that sometimes can be lost with color.
And although the black and white is the winner when it comes to mood. Color, on the other hand, excels when it comes to personality.
Color photography is excellent for capturing client’s uniqueness and individuality. The color of your hair or eyes, the way they are accentuated by the shade of your dress can only be seen in this form of photography.
I believe that it is important to capture both – the mood as well as the personality of the client. For that reason, all of the photographs that I take are a balanced mixture of black and white as well as color.

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How to Choose a Perfect Location for Your Boudoir Session

March 18, 2021 / Boudoir

Finding the right photographer for your boudoir session is the first step toward success. Once you do that, the next step is to find a perfect location for the shoot.
Different photographers offer different flexibility when it comes to the location of the session. Some of them are studio-bound whereas others are more open to client’s preferences. They may even suggest a few options themselves.
While choosing the location for your session, consider the following options.
• Studio
You can get an idea of what to expect based on the portfolio presented on the photographer’s website. Many photographers post a separate picture of their studio space so that you can see the size and layout of the room. If that’s not the case, you can usually get the glimpse of the space just by looking at other photographs. Does the studio seem spacious and open or is it rather cozy and small? Are there any windows that allow for the natural light to flow or does it seem like the photographer uses artificial studio lighting only? Is there a bed? a couch? An armchair? Do you see yourself posing in this room?

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• Outdoors
Outdoors boudoir sessions are on the rise, especially during warm spring and summer months. But not all outdoor boudoir is equal and you need to think ahead of what kind of vibe you are looking for. Have you envisioned a rustic, natural session in the nature or do you prefer a city boudoir? Based on those preferences the choices would be obviously quite different. Ask the photographer about their flexibility in getting to an outdoors location and if they have any suggestions.

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• Hotel Room
Hotel rooms are also a popular option when it comes to boudoir photography. There are many hotels that offer beautiful, elegant interiors that can be used for your session. This option, however can be a little tricky if the photographer has never seen that space before. It is especially important when it comes to lighting. If your photographer works mostly with natural light, you need to make sure that the room you have in mind offers nothing more but plenty of light.
At Pure Boudoir, I am all about flexibility and creativity. Although most of the sessions take place at my West Loop studio, I am open to shooting your dream session elsewhere. Pure Boudoir has access to a rooftop with breathtaking views of the city. There also many locations nearby that can be used for a more edgy, city-like boudoir.

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Maternity Boudoir

February 11, 2021 / maternity

I know what you may be thinking. “Is this a real thing??” The answer to that is, ABSOLUTELY! Is your body in the “ideal” perfect shape? No. But in my opinion, the fact that you are caring a human inside of you does in fact mean that it IS in the perfect shape! Women were built for doing this. This is one thing that we can do that no man can. And it is a beautiful, beautiful thing!
I hear a lot of women who complain how miserable they are when they are full term or how anxious they are to get their body back to normal. Then after the baby is born most seem to actually miss their pregnant body. I think pregnancy affects our hormones and just health in general (nausea, back aches, heartburn, etc.) so much that we don’t even realize what a beautiful thing it is and how beautiful our bodies are.
Every extra pound of weight and every extra curve we gain just solidifies how physically strong we are for being capable of doing something so miraculous. We should try to make some time to embrace the beauty of the process and remind ourselves of just how badass we, as women, are.
A maternity boudoir session is a FABULOUS way to do this! Think about it this way. Ignore the fact that you have extra weight on your body. Focus on the benefits of pregnancy when it comes to your body. For starters, those breasts are filled out nicely and perfectly shaped. Not only that, pre-natal vitamins are GREAT for hair and nails, so they are likely on point. And everyone knows that pregnant women just have that certain glow about them. And lastly, that baby belly! It is such a beautiful thing that will not last forever. This is the perfect combination for a maternity boudoir session!
You can be a mom-to-be and still be sexy! Not only will a session like this give you a confidence boost on those days you are just tired of that body and want it to be over with. But it is also a wonderful way to get gorgeous images of such a special time in your life. It will remind you of how strong you are. It will remind you of the bond that you were making with that child before they even arrived. And that is only something only YOU can do!
Do yourself a favor and take some time during that long pregnancy and treat yourself to a unique experience to get you images that you will be sure to cherish for a lifetime!

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A Boudoir Session – Is It Worth the Investment?

December 4, 2020 / Boudoir


One of my absolute favorites when it comes to my work is the sense of joy and satisfaction my clients display while looking at their finished images. A sense of awe, a disbelief at how gorgeous they are. “Wow, is it really me?”- they often ask. And this in and of itself is usually the reason why boudoir seems worth the investment for many of them.
A professional boudoir session done by an experienced photographer can be pricey. The price is often a limiting factor when it comes to client’s final decision as to whether or not they can afford the experience. Nonetheless, some experiences are pricey and priceless at the same time. I certainly believe that boudoir is one of them.
So let’s take a closer look as to why an intimate photography session is worth its price tag.
For most women, a boudoir session is a form of indulgence. We all deserve a pampering experience once in a while. We all deserve some time dedicated to ourselves to celebrate our bodies, our beauty, our sense of attractiveness. Some consider it a form of vanity- so it be! A small dose of vanity is healthy and encouraged! For many women, a boudoir session is luxury, both literally and metaphorically. And as we all know, luxury comes with a price.
Classic boudoir techniques that use natural light often result in beautiful, absolutely timeless images that you can cherish forever. You can always go back to them and they will never go out of style. That’s the nature and beauty of classics. Yes, they can be expensive but ultimately worth the investment.
It is very difficult to compare boudoir to any other experience. It can have a different purpose and meaning for different clients. There are many reasons why women decide to do it – from pure indulgence to emotional healing. Some experiences, although purchased, are invaluable and definitely worth every penny.


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