Maternity Boudoir

February 11, 2021 / Boudoir

I know what you may be thinking. “Is this a real thing??” The answer to that is, ABSOLUTELY! Is your body in the “ideal” perfect shape? No. But in my opinion, the fact that you are caring a human inside of you does in fact mean that it IS in the perfect shape! Women were built for doing this. This is one thing that we can do that no man can. And it is a beautiful, beautiful thing!
I hear a lot of women who complain how miserable they are when they are full term or how anxious they are to get their body back to normal. Then after the baby is born most seem to actually miss their pregnant body. I think pregnancy affects our hormones and just health in general (nausea, back aches, heartburn, etc.) so much that we don’t even realize what a beautiful thing it is and how beautiful our bodies are.
Every extra pound of weight and every extra curve we gain just solidifies how physically strong we are for being capable of doing something so miraculous. We should try to make some time to embrace the beauty of the process and remind ourselves of just how badass we, as women, are.
A maternity boudoir session is a FABULOUS way to do this! Think about it this way. Ignore the fact that you have extra weight on your body. Focus on the benefits of pregnancy when it comes to your body. For starters, those breasts are filled out nicely and perfectly shaped. Not only that, pre-natal vitamins are GREAT for hair and nails, so they are likely on point. And everyone knows that pregnant women just have that certain glow about them. And lastly, that baby belly! It is such a beautiful thing that will not last forever. This is the perfect combination for a maternity boudoir session!
You can be a mom-to-be and still be sexy! Not only will a session like this give you a confidence boost on those days you are just tired of that body and want it to be over with. But it is also a wonderful way to get gorgeous images of such a special time in your life. It will remind you of how strong you are. It will remind you of the bond that you were making with that child before they even arrived. And that is only something only YOU can do!
Do yourself a favor and take some time during that long pregnancy and treat yourself to a unique experience to get you images that you will be sure to cherish for a lifetime!

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A Boudoir Session – Is It Worth the Investment?

December 4, 2020 / Boudoir


One of my absolute favorites when it comes to my work is the sense of joy and satisfaction my clients display while looking at their finished images. A sense of awe, a disbelief at how gorgeous they are. “Wow, is it really me?”- they often ask. And this in and of itself is usually the reason why boudoir seems worth the investment for many of them.
A professional boudoir session done by an experienced photographer can be pricey. The price is often a limiting factor when it comes to client’s final decision as to whether or not they can afford the experience. Nonetheless, some experiences are pricey and priceless at the same time. I certainly believe that boudoir is one of them.
So let’s take a closer look as to why an intimate photography session is worth its price tag.
For most women, a boudoir session is a form of indulgence. We all deserve a pampering experience once in a while. We all deserve some time dedicated to ourselves to celebrate our bodies, our beauty, our sense of attractiveness. Some consider it a form of vanity- so it be! A small dose of vanity is healthy and encouraged! For many women, a boudoir session is luxury, both literally and metaphorically. And as we all know, luxury comes with a price.
Classic boudoir techniques that use natural light often result in beautiful, absolutely timeless images that you can cherish forever. You can always go back to them and they will never go out of style. That’s the nature and beauty of classics. Yes, they can be expensive but ultimately worth the investment.
It is very difficult to compare boudoir to any other experience. It can have a different purpose and meaning for different clients. There are many reasons why women decide to do it – from pure indulgence to emotional healing. Some experiences, although purchased, are invaluable and definitely worth every penny.


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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Boudoir Session.

October 2, 2020 / Boudoir

There are countless reasons why every woman should consider a boudoir session at least once in a lifetime. Today, I want to focus on three of them that seem the most significant to me. Yes, boudoir can be fun and yes, it makes a wonderful gift but sometimes it has more depth to it than anyone could ever imagine.
Boudoir is unique in its outstanding therapeutic capability. Art can be therapeutic in general but typically it is the artist who reaps the benefits of liberation and catharsis that comes with their work. In boudoir, it is the subject that often experiences the healing power of art.
More and more women endorse psychological benefits of boudoir photography. Here are top three reason why boudoir is worth a try.
• Self-confidence booster
Boudoir gives women a wonderful opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. It challenges their often negative self-perceptions and lets them look at themselves from a different perspective. I cannot tell you how many times my clients looked at their very own images with a sense of disbelief. They did not know that they could look and feel so beautiful, sexy and attractive. A seasoned boudoir photographer will tailor the session to your unique facial and body characteristics. Skillful use of natural light will accentuate your best features while gently masking imperfections. The goal is to bring out your most beautiful, natural self. This in return provides many women with a boost of self-confidence and improves their body image.
• Milestone Celebration
Our bodies are such vital and important parts of ourselves. Although there are times when we may dislike them, feel unhealthy, ill or unattractive, our bodies do so much for us every single day. Sometimes they also let us experience extraordinary things. Pregnancy, childbirth, winning a marathon or a fitness contest are just a few examples. Milestones are very personal and intimate and we need to define them according to our own perceptions or expectations. Becoming a mother can be a milestone but so can be the fact of turning 50 or 60. Whatever that milestone is, boudoir can help you and your body celebrate it in the most wonderful way.
• Emotional Healing
This is becoming one of the most common reasons for women to do a boudoir session. Just like our bodies have the capability of experiencing extraordinary things, they are also vulnerable and capable of experiencing pain and trauma. Sometimes physical pain comes with emotional wounds that are difficult to heal. Boudoir can help release that pain and find a sense of therapeutic relief. It can also be very helpful for women battling a negative body image that stems from trauma and other negative experiences.

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Hair and makeup by : Izabella Maka

Body Positive and How Boudoir Can Help You Improve Your Relationship with Your Body

July 28, 2020 / Boudoir

Some of you may be familiar with the body positivity movement. Although it dates back to 1960s, the actual term “body positive” emerged in the mid-1990s when a therapist working with eating disorder patients attempted to shift their focus off their body weight and gear it toward acceptance.
The body positivity movement initially focused on body weight and encouraged people to accept and cherish their bodies regardless of the size. Over time, that philosophy has expanded and today body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.
In other words, someone who is body positive appreciates their body despite the flaws, feels confident about their body, is accepting of their body’s size and shape.
Body positivity also encourages people to embrace and accept natural changes that happen to our bodies, such as aging or pregnancy.
Boudoir photography provides an excellent opportunity to practice body positivity. It invites you to step out of your comfort zone and feel confident in your own skin. You can do it without fear of judgment, comparison or criticism.

For many years now, women have been shamed for their looks. Forced into a narrow description of “beauty”, they have been shamed for their weight, size, shape or age. Only certain body types and facial features have been described as desirable and attractive.
At Pure Boudoir, we challenge those wrongful perceptions and prove that beauty comes in many different forms. Beauty can wear size small or large, stretch from 32A to 40G or further. Beauty can have small hips or big booty, weigh a 100 or 300 pounds.
You are perfect just the way you are and you deserve to feel that way about yourself. Positive body image affects our overall mental health and well-being. Let you of others’ assumptions of who you should be and embrace the perfect self that you already are.

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model : @willowstar26

makeup : Vivian