In my previous posts I touched upon the topic of variety among boudoir sessions. No two sessions are the same. They are all very unique and arranged for according to clients preferences and level of comfort. Looking at my blog you can see the different character and ambiance of photographs. Some of them are very intimate and seductive. Other are more conservative revealing only a glimpse of a body.

You may also remember my shoot with Laura, a beautiful violinist who actually brought her violin to the session. It was a very magical experience that help us reach a whole new level of intimacy and personality . when it comes to boudoir.

I always encourage clients to make their boudoir experience as personal as possible. We all have hobbies and things we are passionate about – so why not incorporate these passions into our sessions?

Today I wanted to share with you another reveal of boudoir – fitness boudoir. Until recently I was not even sure if fitness boudoir existed … But then I met Alina and I am positive that together we successfully created a whole new genre of boudoir photography. It is obviously an exaggeration and I say it very lightly but it definitely felt as we were creating something new.

Alina is a fitness lover, passionate about sports and a healthy lifestyle. She has worked very hard to transform her body into its mesmerizing form. And she has each and every right to feel proud of it and want it to celebrate it.

We found a fun, urban location near out West Loop studio. Colorful graffiti and industrial elements in the background added an interesting edge to the feel of the shoot.

I hope this is the beginning of an interesting series od passion driven boudoir. Whether you are a book lover, a sport maniac or a professional horse rider , we can create an exciting boudoir session that will reflect your true personality.

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