Creative Boudoir and Portfolio Building.

As much as I love working with clients in my studio, I also enjoy projects that are geared more towards professional development, free style creativity and skill building experience. And if I can help someone build an interesting modeling portfolio as a result, I am satisfied beyond words.

Today, I wanted to share with you a glimpse of rather an unusual boudoir session that I had a pleasure of shooting last month at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago. For those of you who are not familiar with this venue, it is a truly unique antique store located in Ravenswood with some extraordinary objects and memories of the past.

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As an artist, I continue to look for new and unique forms of expression. I like to combine styles, genres and visions that may seem disconnected in order to build new visual forms. The Architectural Artifacts is a truly magical place that allowed me to experiment with a very intimate genre of photography in a very non-intimate setting. An antique store full of old and intriguing objects and vintage mannequins is probably an unusual location for an alluring boudoir session but I really wanted to do something different this time and the results were astonishing. 

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There is nothing more rewarding for an artist than to play with human form and reach new levels of creativity.

I had the pleasure of working with two stunning and extremely talented models. Aside from shooting boudoir with my clients, working with professional models is something I truly enjoy. There is something extremely gratifying about portfolio building. Settings such as Architectural Artifacts can provide a unique perspective and background for anyone who is looking to enhance their professional modeling portfolio and I will be more than happy to help you with that process.

O3A2340 - Creative Boudoir and Portfolio Buildingchicago lingerie sensual elegant classy - Creative Boudoir and Portfolio Building


Make-up by : Iza Maka

Location: Architecture Artifacts 


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